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 A recent meeting of Innkeeeprs was talking about the B&B experience.  The thing about Bed & Breakfasts that is both a plus and a minus is that each is unique.  Being  unique is a plus because each Bed & Breakfast is an adventure offering a different design, different style and furnishings, different ownership and all that goes along with it.  That uniqueness is perhaps a minus for those who like to know exactly what they’re getting and are afraid of being disappointed.

I want to tell you that you won’t be disappointed.  Bed & Breakfast hosts are proud of their homes and want to please you.  Bed & Breakfast innkeepers go the extra mile in the kitchen because they want to show off and hear “oohs and aahs” coming from the breakfast table.  And not only do they go the extra mile in the kitchen, but in every other aspect of their Bed & Breakfast with great attention to detail.  Getting acquainted with my colleagues made it crystal clear that each of us has cleanliness, comfort, dining, amenity and hospitality standards a hotel is unlikely to match.  The reason is simple — employees don’t love the place the way an owner does, nor does an employee have the same kind of investment.

Fine Food is served at our BC Bed & Breakfasts

Recent studies by the Professional Association of Innkeepers International (PAII) and TripAdvisor have shown that the main reason, far beyond not being sure of what to expect, travelers don’t stay at a Bed & Breakfast is because they just don’t think “B&B” when thinking about accommodations.  Hotels and motel chains seem to be best known around the world and have the most visibility.  So dear readers, what can we do to get more people to think “B&B” in the first place?

Since you are reading this blog, you are likely already a Bed & Breakfast aficionado.  PAII has launched the Better Way to Stay campaign to increase the profile of Bed & Breakfasts in North America. The Better Way To Stay, is a grassroots campaign to help travelers discover today’s inns and B&B experience. Brought to you by the Professional Association of Innkeepers International and hundreds of B&B associations, directories, vendors and innkeepers, the Better Way To Stay campaign seeks to bust myths and build confidence in the B&B brand. While hotels and motels are one option, inns and B&Bs add amenities like complimentary breakfasts, free parking, afternoon or evening refreshments, free wi-fi adding up to $150 per two-night stay in extra value. Add a smile at check in and an innkeeper who remembers your name at the end of a long day, and the list of B&B bonuses becomes priceless. But it would be great to get your comments about what made you first choose a British Columbia Bed & Breakfast Inn.  We BC Innkeepers Guild members value your comments and suggestions and very much encourage you to share your thoughts with us.

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Try one of our members in Nanaimo at Long Lake Waterfront B&B that received the Travellers Choice Award 2012 from TripAdvisor as one of the top 25 Bed and breakfast in Canada.


Saturday, March 17th, 2012 -  Sunday, March 25th, 2012        8:00am – Midnight Nine Day Festival  40-60 Events!   

We are thrilled to announce that the Pacific Rim Whale Festival Society is celebrating their 26th year in your community at our annual Pacific Rim Whale Festival in Tofino BC March 17-25th, 2012.
The passion of our non-profit organization is to provide access, knowledge and understanding to thousands of local residents and visitors, about the value of life here on the west coast.
What makes our lives so unique? Surely it is our outstanding environment, the people that live here and the connections between us. Each year, our Volunteer Event and Education Committee work hard to program an eclectic and dynamic event calendar, with educational workshops, cultural demonstrations and performing arts just for you.
Our festival attracts thousands of islanders, and international tourists to Tofino, Ucluelet and the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve in the spring. It is our marketing efforts combined that cause this number to rise annually, making the Pacific Rim Whale Festival the largest of its kind world-wide!
We believe that education can change lives and save the future of our eco-system. Lets show the world why the west coast of Vancouver Island in British Columbia is the best place on earth!

On your way to Tofino, stay in Nanaimo at Long Lake Waterfront B&B
To learn more about our festival and supporting this event, please go to

Information courtesy of – Vancouver Island’s Events Website

International Centre for Sturgeon Studies

VIU to host 2013 International Sturgeon Symposium
For over 200 million years, sturgeon have been swimming the waters of the
world.  They outlived the dinosaurs, yet in less than one sturgeon’s lifetime,
humans have brought this prehistoric fish to the brink of extinction.  Almost
all species and populations worldwide are in trouble.
Vancouver Island University (VIU) in Nanaimo, British Columbia, has been
working with the white sturgeon since 1984 conducting field and laboratory
research projects as well as teaching students and the general public about
these amazing fish.   To continue developing sturgeon research, VIU has reached
a stage that requires an expansion of its facilities. The World Sturgeon Conservation Society has
also identified the need for a dedicated sturgeon research centre in North
America. To fill these needs, VIU has built the International Centre for
Sturgeon Studies (ICSS) on campus.
The conservation of these important fish will require a
collaborative research approach through field and laboratory
studies. The ICSS will bring together research activities at the regional,
national and international levels involving conservation, enhancement and
commercial interests.    The ICSS at Vancouver Island University in Nanaimo BC , will become a
place where institutions, government, First Nations, industry and NGO’s
can consolidate their activities and learn from
each other, to help understand and aid the sturgeon populations of this country
and the world.  A research team has been assembled that includes
world-class and emerging new scientists from across Canada, the United States
and internationally (Russia, Germany, Iran, France and Italy). Their research
will aid in conserving and restoring endangered sturgeon populations
In addition to a research facility,  students
and the general public can go to learn about and appreciate these unique “living
For accomodation in Nanaimo BC , Long Lake Waterfront Bed and Breakfast is pleased to welcome delegates attending the conference at a 10% discounted rate.

Museum Remembrance Week: Honour Canada’s
military veterans by visiting the Remembrance Week exhibit hosted by the
Nanaimo Museum and the Vancouver Island Military Museum. The exhibit will run
from Monday, Nov. 7 to Thursday, Nov. 10 at the Nanaimo Museum by the Nanaimo Conference Center. Visitors will
get a glimpse into the lives of those who served our county through
a display of local photos, uniforms, war medals, and war time artifacts. The
Remembrance week exhibit at the Nanaimo Museum commemorates the contributions
of the Canadian service men and women who protected our rights and freedoms.
The exhibit will feature the war time experiences of  people on Vancouver Island. It includes a gas mask
designed for children and stored under school desks in preparation for bomb
threats, to photos of Nanaimo’s military camp during World War II. Artifacts
such as model aircraft and a model ship will be on display. For more
information, please call Aimee Greenaway at 250-753-1821.

While in Nanaimo , stay at Long Lake Waterfront Bed and Breakfast .

Known as a centre of excellence for teaching, applied research and learning, Vancouver Island University (VIU) is producing quality graduates that are in demand by employers across the country and around the world.

VIU has evolved into a dynamic, internationally known university supporting a student population in excess of 18,000 full-and part-time learners, including 1100 international students, over 1000 aboriginal students, and employing over 2,000 faculty and staff.

Why Choose VIU

  • Excellent facilities, quality programs at a reasonable cost.
  • Small classes taught by experienced and highly-qualified instructors.
  • Academic advising, personal counselling, and support services for international students.
  • Social, recreational and sports activities; homestay, and on-campus student residences.
  • Co-operative Education programs that allow for study and full-time work anywhere in Canada.
  • Great location in a smaller city close to Vancouver and Victoria.

Vancouver Island University Nanaimo BC Canada

Best place to stay while in Nanaimo BC Canada   – Long Lake Waterfront Bed and Breakfast     and on Facebook

Nanaimo is a city of 85,000 residents, located on beautiful Vancouver Island — a tourist destination blessed with the natural beauty of mountains, forests and seashore, a mild climate, and many opportunities for year-round outdoor sports and recreation. Nanaimo is close to the major metropolitan areas of Vancouver and Victoria, so students attending VIU can have the best of all worlds:

  • caring and comfortable community
  • low cost of living
  • spectacular natural environment
  • unequalled recreational opportunities
  • one of the mildest climates in all of Canada

When visiting Nanaimo, stay at Long Lake Waterfront Bed and Breakfast and on Facebook

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