Welcome to Cedar and Yellowpoint Artisans Christmas self guided tour. Four Days of fun, food and Artisan talent. November 15th, 16th, 17th and 18th 2012. You are invited to visit studios, shops, galleries and farms to get you inspired for Christmas giving.

While enjoying the tour, stay at the Long Lake Waterfront B&B where you can receive a 2 night minimum booking for 10% less than the winter rate.  Ask for the Artisans’s tour special.

Innkeepers take a holiday


Did you ever wonder where B&B Innkeepers go to get away from it all?    They go to other B&Bs!  Even though we have to tie them to their chair so they don’t clear the table after breakfast, we love when our fellow innkeepers come for a visit. Gary and Judy came to Nanaimo for a couple of days for a getaway.   Gary is always on the water with his boat taking kayakers to the Broken Island group but when I ask him if he wanted a Sea Doo ride around the lake, he said yes and thoroughly enjoyed the tour.  There is always something wonderful to experience in every different B&B. We enjoyed sitting on their deck watching the waves crash , the otters enjoying the surf, and fresh crab and wine to top off the scene.  Ask Judy about the Wild Pacific Trail – one not to miss for sure.

Check out  Bostrom’s Bed and Breakfast on Little Beach Bay in Ucluelet