A TRIBUTE TO OUR LOCAL HEROES,  The RCMP, Fire, Paramedics, and Coast Guard. An immensely moving program of the most stirring music known. With conductor Pierre Simard and host Bill Robinson.

Beethoven: Egmont, Overture
Elgar: Nimrod (from Enigma Variations)
Schubert: Marche Militaire
Dvorák: A Hero’s Song
Symphony Idol 2011 Winner
Beethoven:Symphony No. 5

Heroic deeds told through words and music

Stories of heroes and heroines unfold through words and music as the Vancouver Island Symphony, under the baton of the dynamic Pierre Simard, and with Bill Robinson as MC, presents Heroes Forever, on Saturday, January 28 at 7:30 p.m. in the Port Theatre.
“We are linking classical music to the people in this community, really relating it and making it an experience!” explains Simard. “Heroes Forever is a continuation of our concert two years ago honouring local heroes, firemen, Coast Guard Auxiliary, paramedics and RCMP.”  Owner of Long Lake Waterfront Bed and Breakfast, Gordie Robinson, is Station Leader of Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary 27 and will be honored at this event.

The Music
A story of courage is told in each piece of music, from the very opening note of Beethoven’s stirring ‘Egmont’, through Elgar’s gripping ‘Nimrod’, Schubert’s lively ‘Marche Militaire’ and Dvorak’s joyful inspiration ‘A Hero’s Song’, to the very last note of Beethoven’s powerful and triumphant ‘Symphony No. 5’. “This is music that moves our very being, that really speaks to the positive side of being human,” adds Simard.

Composer as Hero
And each of the composers has their own heroic story, like Beethoven who was heavily influenced by the political and social tensions of the French Revolution. He turned the world of music on its ear while waging a life struggle with the loss of his own hearing.

Music as Hero – Symphony Idol
Beethoven is the people’s choice as the 2011 Symphony Idol. His ‘Symphony No. 5’, with ‘fate knocking at the door’, reveals his true intimate thoughts, secret sorrows, pent-up rage, dreams and bursts of enthusiasm; the four opening notes are now familiar around the world as the ‘fate rhythm’.

A Local Hero
It takes courage to step up onto the stage to conduct the VI Symphony when you have no previous experience. A local lawyer, successful bidder in the 2011 Symphony Sizzle auction, will be surprising many as he steps up to the podium with his own baton for Schubert’s ‘Marche Militaire’  – but only after a few lessons and a short rehearsal with Maestro Simard.

A Tribute to the Community
And while honouring local heroes, the VI Symphony also presents this concert as a tribute to the heroics of the community at large, the supporters, organizers, managers, volunteers, board members, musicians, technicians and audience who have helped make this orchestra the jewel that it is, so that music can continue to be presented – LIVE.

To hear more about these amazing stories, join Artistic Director Pierre Simard for Pre-Concert Talk before the performance. in the Port Theatre at 6:30 p.m. (doors will close at 6:35 p.m.for the Pre-Concert Talk and re-open prior to the performance)
Post Concert Talk following the Performance with Conductor and Musicians

Story compliments of Harbourliving.ca  http://www.harbourliving.ca/event/2011-2012-season-heroes-forever-with-the-vancouver-island-symphony/


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