nanaimo-massage-view-from-deck Hammond Bay Massage Therapy Relax and recharge … perched high above sparkling Hammond Bay in Nanaimo B.C., a secluded hot tub deck and outdoor massage room await your arrival. In a private, park-like garden, warm basalt stones are laid upon the muscles of your back as the tension in your leg and feet muscles are kneaded out … you take your first full breath in months and begin to unwind.

At the same time … your senses come alive. Open your eyes to an exotic flower floating in a vase beneath you. Breathe in the rich healing properties of lavender, geranium, and bergamot oils released by the heat of the stones. The sounds of the pond fountain and bamboo wind chimes drift to you, and if you have the energy, lift your head out of the face rest to watch a palm tree sway in the soft ocean breeze. Or turn your head the other way and gaze at the coastal mountains across the Strait of Georgia …

Your normally busy mind begins to let go as soft music lulls you. The warm stones that have been on your back have prepared each muscle for deeper work, and your therapist addresses your problem areas using deep tissue massage and Trigger Point Therapy.

At this point, you will almost feel at one with the table, but after a soothing hot compress to your back, it’s time to turn over. A heated towel is slipped under your neck and your legs are massaged while aromatherapy drifts deeper into your nervous system. Before each arm is massaged, enjoy a misting of sweet orange while lavender infused hot towels are gently applied to your face, taking you to an even deeper level of relaxation. Not only will your muscle pain be relieved, but you’ll feel as if you’ve had a blissful vacation.

This magical massage by RMT  Maia Caron can be held in the privacy of your suite overlooking Long Lake at Long Lake Waterfront Bed and Breakfast .

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